World Water Day 2014



March 22 is the official date assigned by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 as International World Water Day. On this day we focus on raising awareness world-wide about problems with water and sanitation. This is also the “time to celebrate global efforts to bring clean water to the 800 million people who still don’t have it,” according to the Huffington Post news report on March 21.


(<man washes his clothes in a polluted river on World Water Day March 22, 2014 in Surabaya, Indonesia, [Getty Images] >)


Every year the emphasis is placed on a “different aspect of freshwater,” and this year it will be on Water and Energy according to the Dutch Water Sector News.

The objective this year is to raise awareness on how “water and energy are fundamentally interlinked,” and how most forms of energy production rely on water, such as hydroelectric, nuclear and thermal energy.

This becomes critically important for the ‘bottom billion’ of the population who do not have access to “clean drinking water, proper sanitation, and adequate food and energy sources.” Child mortality rates, maternal health issues, and overall poverty are all attributed to lack of access to clean water.


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