Pope Benedict XVI leaves Vatican for final time ahead of resignation



<Pope Benedict XVI speaks to the faithful gathered outside the residence?

Pope Benedict XVI has arrived at Castel Gandolfo where he will spend the final hours of his papacy.

A 7,000-strong crowd gathered in the main square waving yellow and white paper pennants in Vatican colours to greet the Pope on his arrival.

There were huge cheers as the Pontiff, wearing only a white robe, briefly stepped out onto the balcony and spoke to the faithful with a final apostolic blessing.

“I am very happy to be here with you, surrounded by the beauty of the world. Thank you for your friendship and your affection,” he said.

“As you know, today is different to previous ones.

“I will only be the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church until 8pm and then no longer. I will simply be a pilgrim who is starting the last phase of his pilgrimage on this earth.

“However, With all my heart and love and my prayers, I would like to work for the good of the Church and humanity.

“I feel your support … Let’s go on together for the Church and the good of the world.

“From the bottom of my heart I bless you,” he said, adding: “Thank you and good night.”


<Thousands of well-wishers pack the main square of Castel Gandolfo>

Benedict’s elder brother, George Ratzinger said the Pontiff’s final hours in office would be more private than a big send-off.

At 8pm local time the doors of the villa will close and the Swiss Guard that ceremonially watch over the summer residence will march away marking the end of Benedict’s papacy.

From then on he will be known as Emeritus Pope and devote his days to prayer and meditation.

Earlier, the Pontiff left the Vatican for the final time as leader of the Catholic Church, pledging “unconditional reverence and obedience” to whoever succeeds him.

He gave thanks to his closest aides who have been by his side during his papacy in an emotional parting ceremony, before stepping out from his apartments for the last time. Many of his staff had tears in their eyes.

As he bid the Vatican farewell as the Pope, he tweeted: “Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.”


Source – Sky News & Fox


No need to adjust your screens! The house that was deliberately built upside down (and even has a garage with a car parked on the ceiling)


At first glance, this house looks like it’s been uprooted by a mighty tornado and planted on its roof.

Amazingly it was built this way, as an Austrian tourist attraction, by architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski.

As well as its impressive exterior the house is fully furnished with decor, belongings and even a car – all painstakingly installed upside down.


Let’s hope the glue’s strong: The garage is even fitted with a real VW Beetle

Here’s the video of this house  http://g.ua/Wa3i

Courtesy – dailymail.co.uk

Meteorite hits central Russia, more than 500 people hurt

More than 500 people were injured when a meteorite shot across the sky and exploded over central Russia on Friday, sending fireballs crashing to Earth, shattering windows and damaging buildings


People heading to work in Chelyabinsk heard what sounded like an explosion, saw a bright light and then felt a shockwave according to a Reuters correspondent in the industrial city 1,500 km (950 miles) east of Moscow.

A fireball blazed across the horizon, leaving a long white trail in its wake which could be seen as far as 200 km (125 miles) away in Yekaterinburg. Car alarms went off, windows shattered and mobile phone networks were interrupted.

“I was driving to work, it was quite dark, but it suddenly became as bright as if it was day,” said Viktor Prokofiev, 36, a resident of Yekaterinburg in the Urals Mountains.

“I felt like I was blinded by headlights,” he said.

No fatalities were reported but President Vladimir Putin, who was due to host Finance Ministry officials from the Group of 20 nations in Moscow, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev were informed.

A local ministry official said such incidents were extremely rare and Friday’s events might have been linked to an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool due to pass Earth at a distance of 27,520 km (17,100 miles) but this was not confirmed.

Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said the meteorite was travelling at a speed of 30 km (19 miles) per second and that such events were hard to predict. The Interior Ministry said the meteorite explosion had caused a sonic boom.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said 514 people had sought medical help, mainly for light injuries caused by flying glass, and that 112 of those were kept in hospital. Search groups were set up to look for the remains of the meteorite.

“There have never been any cases of meteorites breaking up at such a low level over Russia before,” said Yuri Burenko, head of the Chelyabinsk branch of the Emergencies Ministry.


Windows were shattered on Chelyabinsk’s central Lenin Street and some of the frames of shop fronts buckled.

A loud noise, resembling an explosion, rang out at around 9.20 a.m. (12:20 a.m. ET). The shockwave could be felt in apartment buildings in the industrial city’s center.

“I was standing at a bus stop, seeing off my girlfriend,” said Andrei, a local resident who did not give his second name. “Then there was a flash and I saw a trail of smoke across the sky and felt a shockwave that smashed windows.”

A wall was damaged at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant but a spokeswoman said there was no environmental threat.

Pic Courtesy – Fox News